Упражнения на согласование времён.

Ex. 1. Transform these sentences using the sequence of tenses.

  1. She said, “I speak French.” – She said that she …
  2. She said, “I am speaking French.”
  3. She said, “I have spoken French.”
  4. She said, “I spoke French.”
  5. She said, “I am going to speak French.”
  6. She said, “I will speak French.”
  7. She said, “I can speak French.”
  8. She said, “I may speak French.”
  9. She said, “I have to speak French.”
  10. She said, “I must speak French.”
  11. She said, “I should speak French.”
  12. She said, “I ought to speak French.”
  13. He said, «I went to the city centre on Sunday.»
  14. My mother said, «I have washed the dishes.»
  15. She said, «I am reading.»
  16. They said, «We are busy.»
  17. He said, «I know a better restaurant.»
  18. She said, «I woke up early.»
  19. He said, «I will ring her.»
  20. They said, «We have just arrived.»
  21. He said, «I will clean the car.»
  22. She said, «I did not say that.»
  23. He said: «I won’t tell anyone.»

Ex. 2. Choose the right option from the brackets.

1. She realized that nobody (will come/would come).

2. We understood that she (sees/saw) nothing.

3. He said he (will arrive/would arrive) in some days.

4. My mother was sure I already (have come/had come).

5. I didn’t know they (are/were) in the room.

6. We supposed the rain (will stop/would stop) in some hours.

7. He said he never (has been/had been) to London.

8. We wanted to know who (is singing/was singing) in the next room.

9. I always thought he (is/was) a brave man.

10. When I saw him, he (is working/was working).

11. We know she always (comes/came) in time.

12. They thought he (will have finished/would have finished) his work by the evening.

13. She said she (has/had) a terrible headache.

14. We supposed they (will send/would send) us the documents.

15. He said he (has not seen/had not seen) us for ages.

Ex. 3. Transform these sentences into the direct speech.

  1. He said he had had a big meal.

  2. She told me she wasn’t surprised.

  3. Sally said she had already found the book.

  4. The pupil said that he hadn’t learnt the lesson.

  5. My grandma told me that she was very busy and couldn’t help me.

  6. Ben told the doctor that he felt ill as he had had an enormous meal.

  7. They told us they were leaving on June 8.

  8. They said she lived in London.

  9. David said he had broken the cup.

  10. Tom said he had been working at school for three years.

  11. James told his friends he liked to watch TV shows.

  12. She said she couldn’t go for a walk because she was watching an interesting TV programme.

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