Упражнения на Present Continuous.

Ex. 1. Complete the sentences.

  1. Suzanna _______ waiting for us at the hotel.
  2. I _______ studying at home with the children.
  3. The children aren’t ________ their  homework, they’re playing computer games.
  4. You ______ now arriving at London Gatwick.
  5. Why _____ she standing outside?
  6. Are you listening? Yes, I ___.

Ex. 2. Put the words in the correct order to make sentences.

  1. waiting a for is Mario flight.
  2. staying a nice hotel. in We are
  3. to the driving They airport. aren’t
  4. cold. wearing coat It’s I’m and a
  5. carrying suitcase? are a Why you
  6. breakfast she late. isn’t having is Zoe because

Ex. 3. What is happening in the picture?


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