Do you think you are a patient person? Why or why not?

Ex. 1. Rank the things that might test your patience from 1 to 10 (1=the most annoying, 10=the least annoying). 

  • people who walk slowly
  • slow Internet connection
  • taxi drivers who don’t know the best route
  • when your take-away delivery takes much longer than they said
  • backseat drivers
  • being stuck in traffic
  • when people take the lift on the second floor
  • having to re-explain yourself if someone doesn’t understand
  • Internet pop-ups
  • when you have to wait for someone to answer a message

Ex. 2. Put the adjectives below into the right categories:

  • even-tempered
  • restless
  • forgiving
  • testy (=a person who get annoyed easily)
  • grouchy  /ˈɡraʊtʃi/ (=a person who likes complaining)
  • tolerant
  • irritable
  • touchy  /ˈtʌtʃi/(=sensitive)
  • placid (=a person who doesn’t show emotions)
  • understanding

Characteristics of patient people: ________________________

Characteristics of impatient people: ________________________

Choose 3 adjectives from the list and speak about someone you know who has each characteristics.

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