Отношения между людьми.

Ex. 1. These words describe character and personality. Explain them in Engish. Which of them are positive and which are negative?

  • ambitious
  • blunt
  • clever
  • creative
  • good fun
  • hard-working
  • impatient
  • judgemental
  • nosy
  • open-minded
  • outgoing
  • over-sensitive
  • reliable
  • self-assured
  • sociable
  • stingy

Ex. 2. Which of these adjectives would you use to describe yourself? Use these patterns:

  • I consider myself to be …
  • I would say I was…

Ex. 3. Match these phrases with the definitions.

1/ get on with somebody

2/ look up to somebody

3/ be in touch with somebody

4/ fall out with somebody

5/ grow apart from somebody

6/ take after somebody

7/ grow up together/ with somebody

8/ be close to somebody


a/ argue and stop being friendly with somebody

b/ have a good relationship

c/ gradually have a less close relationship with somebody

d/ be in a communication with somebody

e/ know somebody well and see or talk to them often

f/ have many childhood and adolescenct experiences in common with somebody

g/ respect somebody

h/ resemble somebody in your family (in appearance or personality)

Ex. 4. Listen to 3 people talk about their relatives. How do they describe their relatives and their relationships with them?

Listen again and notice how adjectives describing character and personality are modified. Complete these sencences using the modifying adverbs you hear. 

1/ She’s…outgoing and sociable.

2/ She’s…hard-working.

3/ She can be…impatient.

4/ He was…creative.

5/ He’s not…reliable.

6/ She’s…nosy.


8/ She can be…stingy.

9/ She’s…clever.

10/ She’s…self-assured and ambitious.






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