Лексические упражнения по английскому

Упражнения по английскому на словообразование

Упражнения по английскому на словообразование. Put the capitalized words in the right form. №1. Russia is a large country with great diversity in flora and fauna. There are several large ____NATION_________ parks in Russia. A lot of different animals live there. Wolves are probably the best known, and are very well studied animals, so we …

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Commonly confused words. Exercises

Commonly confused words. Exercises. Ex. 1. Choose the right word from the brackets. He couldn’t choose (among/between) France or Spain for his holiday. He (especially/specially) liked his new computer. There was much (fewer/less) rain than the year before. He made cheese pie (especially/specially) for her, as he knew it was her favourite. The market was …

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Comfortable, convenient

Comfortable, convenient. Ex 1. (In) convenient / convenience or (un) comfortable? Complete the sentences. Are you ___________ or shall I turn the heat down? It’s very ___________that you live near the school. I find it ___________ to be able to do my banking by phone. I don’t feel ___________ in these jeans. I’m not ___________ …

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