Adverbs of frequency — exercises.

Ex. 1. Range the adverbs in each line from the least to the most frequent.

  1. hardly ever – often – never – always – sometimes – seldom – usually
  2. frequently – from time to time – continuously – rarely
  3. very seldom — generally – occasionally
  4. five times a week – weekly – twice a week – every other week – once a week

Ex. 2. Choose the correct adverb of frequency from the brackets.

  1. I … (never, often, always) see Liza nowadays. The last time I saw her 15 years ago.
  2. Wow! You … (always, normally, hardly ever) have milk in your fridge, but today you’ve got some.
  3. Leo is … (always, hardly ever, rarely) talking on the phone instead of helping his mother.
  4. They … (never, frequently, seldom) go to restaurants in the evenings, now they can afford it.
  5. This is our favourite place in the garden, so we … (usually, never, very rarely) sit here.
  6. She doesn’t go to the gym every week, but I see her in the swimming pool quite … (generally, occasionally, often).

Ex. 3. Change these sentences using the words of frequency. 

  1. always – Luke is borrowing my electric shaver without asking.
  2. sometimes – We send e-mails to each other.
  3. rarely – Peter complains about his hard job.
  4. never – You must run in the dining-room.
  5. hardly ever – My kids read books.
  6. very seldom – My parents eat fish.
  7. once a month – I pay my rent.
  8. usually – She is late for the lectures.
  9. occasionally – We visit our grandma in the countryside.
  10. quite often – I make pizza for my family.

Ex. 4. Put the words in the correct order to make the sentences.

  1. I/before/8.00/always/get/up
  2. They/usually/shopping/the/at/weekend/go.
  3. but/Sarah/has/breakfast/sometimes/not/always.
  4. bed/to/go/usually/you/do/time/What?
  5. boss/my/with/English/speak/never/I.
  6. train/by/office/the/to/go/sometimes/We.

Ex. 5. Insert the adverbs of frequence. Mind the word order! 

  1. She comes home late. (Always)
  2. George eats meat. (Never)
  3. You see her in the street. (Sometimes)
  4. Does Tim go to school by taxi? (Usually)
  5. We spend summer in France. (Usually)
  6. Tom and Tim go to the cinema on Mondays. (Often)
  7. My dog barks. (Sometimes)
  8. Kate goes swimming. (Often)
  9. Simon does his English homework. (Never)
  10. I dance at discos. (Seldom)

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